Tennessee Recovery Courts Work!
It works if you work it!
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Together we can!
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Recovery Court = Hope!
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  • Tennessee Recovery Courts Work!
  • It works if you work it!
  • Together we can!
  • Recovery Court = Hope!

Our Goals

  • To Protect...
    To protect the funding and infrastructure already established by law for the purpose of promoting recovery court programs and ensuring quality control standards.
  • To Monitor...
    To monitor proposed legislation that would affect records and work to have TADCP members’ opinions heard on the issues.
  • To Promote Changes...
    To promote legislative changes that might benefit more strengthened recovery courts.
  • To Promote Ways...
    To promote ways in which additional revenue sources might be identified for recovery court operations.
  • To Identify Advocates...
    To identify advocates who work for the benefit of recovery court programs into Tennessee.
  • To Provide Training and Opportunities...
    To provide recovery courts with training opportunities that are relevant, current, and useful.
  • To Engage...
    To engage with communities and peer organizations to educate others in a way that benefits all recovery courts.
  • To Provide Networking...
    To provide networking opportunities for recovery court professionals when there is a need.
  • To Strengthen Partnerships...
    To strengthen partnerships with local and statewide agencies whose missions intersect with the mission of recovery courts.